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“Yerkir Media” TV station was founded in July 2003 by “Husaber” CJSC. From the very beginning the TV has been cooperating with a number of Diaspora organizations and TV channels. In November 2004 the TV station participated in the licensing competition for 56 UHF of the National Commission on Television and Radio and won on 29th of December. Starting from 28th of May, 2004 “Yerkir Media” was ready to fill the existing gap in TV/Radio sphere of Armenia. “Yerkir Media” became all Armenian television of the Republic of Armenia and the whole world. From 28th of May, 2008 the TV station started its broadcast online on And on 28th of May, 2010, by the satellite broadcast world navigation of the all Armenian TV “Yerkir Media” was already a reality, thanks to which it could enter home of every Armenian, become national TV channel` addressed already to the Armenians living abroad. The previous 2010 year was full of achievements for “Yerkir Media”. The all Armenian TV channel acquired not only the right to a satellite broadcast, but also founded correspondent points in Armenian communities abroad: USA (Los Angeles, Boston), Georgia, Lebanon, France, Russia, Iran, Greece, Syria, Turkey. These points gave the opportunity to get fresh news on the given community and its problems

The Commercial department of “Yerkir Media” functions along with the other departments since the foundation of TV station. TV conducts marketing researches, advertising campaigns, and development of PR campaigns. Marketing department of “Yerkir Media” receives advertisement orders. 1. Presents several versions of scenarios 2. Production team does the shootings and video production 3. The monitoring team chooses the target group based on continuous researches 4. The Media planning team does the installation activities “Yerkir Media” Commercial department implements image development activities of various organizations, PR campaigns in Armenia, Artsakh and abroad through satellite broadcast. Develop your business on Yerkir Media, an intellectual and all Armenian TV. Contact us for advertisements on “Yerkir Media” broadcast in Armenia, Arcakh and satellite broadcast abroad. Address: 94 Charents street Tel: /+374 10/ 57 65 95 /+374 10/ 57 65 12 E-mail: [email protected] [email protected]

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