Omega demonstrating in front of Turkish Arlines

Omega demonstrating in front of Turkish Arlines

OMEGA Team of Lebanese Youngsters surprised the Lebanese citizens today with a special demonstration in Down Town Beirut. On a crowded street in front of the Turkish Airlines offices. People gathered in front of a heartbreaking scene. A bloody pile of skulls and Ghostfaces holding a sign that read, “More than 400 years of continuous persecution … and some still descend their souls to the level of their tourism and merchandise.”

A very emotional action from the Lebanese youth to support the Centennial Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide!

About Omega Team: We are a group, part of the Lebanese people. We do not keep silent because it is a bigger crime when people remain silent against crime. Because keeping silent specially during this sensitive time in history of our Nation, can destroy the Country we believe in. We move whenever and wherever there is something necessary to be done… We do not Bow to anyone but God… We will always Resist a fair resistance till the end… We are not scared of anyone, because being scared will destroy our country… Our Cause is Lebanon United…We demand Justice, we are Justice, we are from the People and the People are the Majority.

The group of youth is a strong defender of the Lebanese Unity and The Lebanese Army. They had stormed previously al-Jazeera television office in Beirut protesting against what was issued by it about the army.The youth had declared protesting in the television’s building until an apology was presented by al-Jazeera.

On Behalf of The Armenian Genocide Martyrs, we thank their activity and highly appreciate it.



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