Tennessee Teens Die After Drinking Mountain Dew/Racing Fuel Cocktail


Logan Stephenson (l) and J.D. Byram
Logan Stephenson (l) and J.D. Byram
Another Tennessee teen has died after drinking a bizarre cocktail of racing fuel and Mountain Dew.
Police in Greenbrier, Tennessee, are investigating the incident after Logan Stephenson, 16, was found unresponsive in his home last Thursday.
Stephenson is the second teen whose death is connected to the bizarre mixture: J.D. Byram died Monday night at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Both teens were students at Grienbrier High School, and were reportedly among a group of students experimenting with the cocktail last Wednesday. Two other students were taken to the ER after coming forward and saying they’d also drank the mixture, but have been released with a clean bill of health.
“I feel quite certain these people did not understand the potential lethality of this ingestion,” Donna Seger, medical director with the Tennessee Poison Control Center, told WSMV-TV. The cocktail, known as “Dewshine” (Pepsi distributes a non-alcoholic version of Mountain Dew with the same name), is apparently new: Seger said this was the first time she’d heard of it.

“It’s a mixture of Mountain Dew and then methanol in racing fuel,” she explained. “There’s a little bit of methanol in the alcohol you drink, and that’s said to cause the hangover. To drink straight methanol is really a recipe for disaster.”

“It’s affecting things on the cellular level,” Seger said. “It’s threatening the eyes, can cause one to go blind.”

“We have certainly seen methanol infections, but nothing like this. I mean, this was a product that was almost 100 percent methanol, which is quite unusual,” she added to WKRN.