MOSCOW, 7 Jun — RIA Novosti. The network of McDonald’s restaurants will be opened in Armenia, the agreement was reached between the Georgian businessman Temur Chkonia and the main office of the company, passed on Tuesday, the Agency Sputnik-Armenia.

Temur Chkonia in the 90-ties opened the first restaurant of the famous network in Tbilisi. Now in Georgia there are several restaurants of fast food McDonald’s. Besides, the businessman owns the Coca-Cola factory in Georgia and a number of other enterprises.

“I have obtained consent from the main office of McDonald’s Corporation on the opening of fast-food chains in Armenia. It remains to solve the issue with the Armenian government. We are 100% sure that will open McDonald’s. It’s only a matter of time,” said the entrepreneur.

According to the Chkoniya, for the construction of a single McDonald’s restaurant required a territory of 1.5 thousand square meters, while in Armenia it is possible to build 8 chain restaurants, which will be able to find a job about a thousand people under the age of 30 years.

Mr. Temur Chkonia is currently employed at Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia Ltd. in the position of President.
Temur Chkonia started the American Dream in the Soviet Union. A low-income student made his way from the position of a regular bread maker in Moscow to a major engineer in a lemonade factory, then received a Coca-Cola bottling license in Georgia. Coca-Cola was followed by another “McDonald’s” American “symbol”. His formula for success in America is old: “the moments must be stopped and used.”

First McDonald's in Armenia

The ability to open a McDonald’s in Armenia was doubted by local entrepreneurs because the rights it sought many Armenian businessmen.

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