Austrian swim team

Austrian swim team

The Austrian synchronized swimmer Vanessa Sahinovic who had been seriously wounded after being overrun by a bus, a day before the opening ceremony of the European Games 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan in an accident, has been put into an artificial coma for suffering consequential damage to the spinal cord. According to the Vienna daily Kurier, this was announced by the Vienna Hospital Association where she is getting treatment and she is not in the danger zone.

“Right now Sahinovic is in an artificial coma and will have to undergo further operations in the coming days. No exact predictions regarding her recovery can be given at this time,” it said in a statement.

Sahinovic had been hit together with her two teammates Luna Pajer and Verena Breit, in Athletes’ Village by a shuttle bus. “Vanessa Sahinovic suffered many fractures, there are other operations necessary”, said spokesman Christopher KAV Mierau on Friday.

Pajer also suffered a broken bone, Breit was only slightly injured. Both have now been flown in a jet from Baku to Vienna. The President of the Austrian Olympic Committee, Karl Stoss, spoke of a “severe shock” for the entire crew.
“Swimming for Vanessa”.

The emergency medical care on the spot have “very good” work according ÖOC chief physician Alfred Engel. ÖOC Secretary Peter Mennel demanded on Friday “insight into the studies so that all the necessary actions can be taken”.

Austrian synchronized swim team

Austrian synchronized swim team

Under the motto “Swim for Vanessa”, Friday morning Sahinovics teammates Anna-Maria and Eirini-Marina Alexandri went on to their first competitions.

Around 6,000 athletes from 50 countries in Europe will compete at the First Earopean games for 253 gold medals.

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