Flash mob dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial, performed by students of Lebanese- Armenian Schools, took place in Beirut Souks, with the signature of Choreographer and Dance Instructor Mrs. Annie Sarkissian Gosdanian, and dance instructor Mrs. Nanor Donerian Keleshian.

The event was organized by The Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon. Students of Armenian schools from all over Lebanon Danced for 6 Minutes, in Memory of the Victims of The Armenian Genocide.
[ad id=”1838″] Some were wearing woven scarfs with the Armenian Flag Tricolor, and the Purple Forget me Not Flower to make a statement, and at the end of the dance the students held up the “Remember And Demand” statement poster to pass the message to the huge number of spectators that gathered around and applauded for a few minutes, expressing their admiration of the Armenian Students determination in spreading the word.

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