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Il volo

Armenians all around the globe were in great shock early Sunday as the Eurovision song Contest results were being announced, and as it eventually ended with the winning of the Swiss song. Armenians unanimously bombarded the voting networks, all around the world, with their full support of the Armenian Genealogy group, and their song titled Don’t Deny, that was renamed as Face the Shadow, after Turkish complaints of political messaging.

No one could understand how the results of some countries had given no points to Armenia, specially those countries with huge population of Armenian origin as France, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, etc… Voters couldn’t understand where their votes had gone.

Previously it was believed that politics had a great influence on the results, as it was well known over the years that some countries sharing the same ethnicity as Greeks and Cypriots usually voted for each other, and for other old friends, but again this year this wasn’t the case and the votes were so surprising.

We do not want to speculate and will continue supporting all Armenian contestants to come.

The results of the televoting vs Jury according to are the following,

Results of the Eurovision Song contest

Results of the Eurovision Song contest

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