About us

Decades hear the channel in August 2011 changed its face channel leadership role assumed by Artak Aleksanyan new format, thanks to a series of reforms took place in September launched a new season with a new crew and a new haghordatsantsov: The first day was the day I hear TV provides 14-hour personal production and news reports. was going on the air turned to business and economic news, technology innovations and developments taking place in the digital world, show business and sports, health and politics.
TV News report, but the main issue is: Aspiring to become an all-purpose channel covering news channel has correspondents in every region of Armenia and Diaspora dealers approved, checked the news, dynamic and spectacular, professional performance in September 2012, began the new season with old traditions. On the day of 24 hours to produce, and fresh news. The goal is to be in front of an open audience.
We are telling you about your concerns, problems, challenges, progress and victories.
News TV Code of Ethics
1 Not to unfair means
(2) refrain from personal assessments
3 Chpitakavorel
4 Chhegnel and chtsaghrel
5 facts confuse hypothesis
6 broadcast information about the private life
7 wry comment on the news
8 diminish the importance of human
9 disseminate any discrimination