Turkish Cleric: Ataturk Was the Illegitimate Son of a Brothel Worker

“Geberen Pij Ataturk”

A Turkish cleric has made a shocking statement: Ataturk was a “son of a bitch”, and his mother, an employee from a brothel.

The statement by Hassan Akar about Ataturk and his mother have caused a scandal in Turkey.

As shown in the video attached, the cleric calls the founder and first president of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a “peej” or “pidge” that is translated to an illegitimate son out of wedlock.

The priest said that Ataturk’s mother once worked in the Greek city of Thessaloniki brothels. “In 1938 the dead son of a bitch’s mother was working at a brothel in Thessaloniki, and it was clear,” he said.

We tried to be more accurate but no such information was found on Wiki.

Ataturk and His Mom

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