Islamist And Communists In France Dragging Priests out of Churches

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front party, posted, “And if we built parking lots on top of salafist mosques, instead of our churches?” Her niece, National Front rising star Marion Le Pen, posted pictures of a priest and an altar boy being pulled out of the church and simply said, “France, 2016.”

The French Right have been angered by the forced evacuation of St. Rita Church, in Paris, that was sold more than a year ago to a developer who wanted to build an apartment building, but according to the Washington Post “…on Wednesday, in the immediate aftermath of the funeral of the Rev. Jacques Hamel, the beloved 85-year-old priest who was killed by two assailants inspired by the Islamic State as he celebrated Mass in Rouen last week, the church’s destruction inspired a sit-in protest.”

Images of police forcibly removing priests and worshipers from the church were shared widely online. According to the newspaper Le Figaro, about 30 protesters were removed by police, who said this happened “without incident.”

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