Excuse me, is this hate yours? Documentary about the project

Vukovar, Croatia March 2015
Agros, Cyprus June 2015

Tour of Tolerance: Pristina.Kumanovo.Leskovac.Sarajevo.Banj­a Luka. Novi Sad. October 2015
30 young people from 14 different countries. Armenia. Azerbaijan. Turkey. Cyprus. Greece. FYROM/Macedonia. Serbia. Kosovo*. Croatia. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Russia. Ukraine. Lithuania. Netherlands.
The main aim of the programme was to develop capacities of youth from (post)conflict areas to act as multipliers in their local communities in processes of peace building, intercultural dialogue and struggle against all forms of hate speech in neighbouring regions.
Through a one year process YEU was working on:
– promotion of cooperation between youth activists from (post)conflict areas to improve intercultural dialogue and respect for the differences of Others,
– promoting theatre as creative method for combating hate speech situations among youth
– motivation of young people to act as role-models for neighbourhood/regional cooperation.

We are taught that peace is our right and that we have to protect it. But if it needs to be protected, that means peace is not granted. We need to work for it every single day. Every day realities teach us how fragile it is.
We are taught how different we are and that differences are the ones that make us better than the others. But we all love and laugh. Care about our families and build friendships based on similarities. Isn’t that enough for the beginning?
Freedom to love and live the life as you want it to be is the ultimate aim of humanity. And each of us at the same time. For many it is still a luxury.
Hiding your love hurts. How it would be if we would all have enough courage to love freely?
Love brings peace. Peace of mind and peace in the heart. We all need to love and to be loved. If one is happy, one can build a better society.
Pristina. Kumanovo. Leskovac. Sarajevo. Banja Luka. Novi Sad. 30 young people from 14 different countries spoke about peace and freedom to express your love freely.

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