“Samra” introducing SARI AGHJIK Armenian song as Azerbaijan’s National song.

Samra will represent Azerbaijan at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with her song “Miracle”.
During her press conference on Saturday 06 May in Stockholm Sweden, a journalist from Netherlands asked her a question “I wonder if you can actually sing in Azeri and, if you can sing a little bit for us in Azeri” she replied “Yes, i can sing, i will sing for you my favorite song, Azerbaijani national song (Sari Gelin)…”
First, I felt upset and angry, then I realized that it was not her fault, she is simply another victim of her barbaric leaders, who always stole the lands and culture of the Armenians. Who just few days earlier claimed that Yerevan is Azerbaijani land.

I would like to share with you some facts about the Song “Sari Aghjik”.
The song was spread in Armenian populated Turkish provinces in the 19th century. The offspring of Armenian Genocide survivors sing the song in different countries of the world.

In the Turkish version of the song, a Turk falls in love with an Armenian girl. The love story takes place in Erzurum, where 50% of population was comprised of Armenians before the Genocide.
The song is popular among Armenians living in Georgia, the majority of which migrated from Erzurum during the years of the Genocide, and their offspring.
The structure of the melody, base, and lads are Armenian. The word syllables correspond to the structure of the melody only in the Armenian version, whereas there is a mismatch in the Turkish and Azerbaijani translations (titled “Sari Gelin”).
This song is considered to be Armenian even in Turkey. Here are a few examples.

1999 – The song is performed in Armenian in “Mrs. Salkım’s Diamonds” film.
2004 – Turkish composer Sanar Yurdatapan: “The song “Sari Gelin,” which is popular in Turkey, is Armenian.”
2006 – Gokcen Karanfil, Candidate of media and communication sciences: “Sari Gelin is an Armenian song, which has become a part of Turkish culture over the centuries.”
2007 – The song was performed during the funeral of the Armenian journalist in Turkey, Hrant Dink. Even today, it is always performed during the events organized in the memory of Dink.
2011 – Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu: “Sari Gelin has an Armenian origin.”
2012 – Popular Turkish singer Sezen Aksu performed the song in Armenian in Turkey. The performance was accompanied by the Armenian “Vardanants” choir. The song entered her album named “Kök.”
Journalist Murat Ertash: “Even today people in my country and city of Erzurum sing “Sari Gelin” folk song in Armenian.”

Even the Turkish media did not had the guts for that kind of a lie and they labeled the song “anonymous” (anonim in Turkish) as shown in the snapshots taken from Turkish TV channels.

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