Yerevan is not a slaughterhouse – a protest against stray animals murder, Armenia

Armenia doesn’t have animal protection legislation, that’s why dogs are being murdered by the government in the streets. Animal Welfare DINGO TEAM NGO organized a big protest against Animal murder in Yerevan, and demanded animal protection law from the government.

SOS call from ARMENIA
Dear animal lovers worldwide. We need your support. We have terrifying situation in Armenia. Almost every night we listen to stray dogs being shot and screaming. This is awful situation we cannot stand any more. We tried to change something ourselves, but it’s already 5 years and no result. We do not have animal protection legislation in Armenia, that would ban animal keeling. YOU CAN HELP US.
Please watch this video of our protest against the Government. Spend only 1 minute to write a small letter to the government Of Armenia and ask for Animal protection legislation in Armenia. By filling the form below your email will be sent automatically to the Armenian government email address. Do not forget to share this page on social media with your friends and followings. Thank you in advance.

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