Attention Europe, Don’t Buy Snickers, Mars bars, Made Between December-January

A customer picks up a Snickers Bar in a supermarket GETTY IMAGESMAINZ, Germany — Confectionery giant Mars announced a Europe-wide recall Tuesday after a customer in Germany found a piece of plastic in one of its chocolate bars.
The move involved Snickers, Mars bars, Milky Way Minis and Celebrations boxes of mixed candies with best before dates between June 19, 2016, and January 8, 2017. according to Mars Germany’s spokesman Raoul Hamacher.

“The affected bars were produced in the Netherlands and from there … distributed to several European countries,” he added. Hamacher did not say what countries were covered in the recall.
Hamacher said earlier that the possibly impacted candy bar lines were produced between mid-December and mid-January.
“We deliberately expanded the time span a bit to be on the safe side,” Hamacher said.
The company could not immediately say how many chocolate bars might be involved in the recall, he added.
According to local media reports, Mars Germany alone produces nearly 10 million snacks every day.

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