Armenia vs Azerbaijan Military Power Comparison 2016 HD

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia comprise two services: the Army, and the Air Force and Air Defense was partially formed out of the former Soviet Army forces stationed in the Armenian SSR (mostly units of the 7th Guards Army of the Transcaucasian Military District). Being a landlocked country, Armenia has no navy.

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces (Azerbaijani) were re-established according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Armed Forces from 9 October 1991 The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) had originally formed its own armed forces from 26 June 1918. The armed forces have three branches: the Azerbaijani Land Forces, the Azerbaijani Air, and Air Defence Force, and the Azerbaijani Navy


Nagorno Karabakh: four days of war, April 2016 Video documentary in English/русский

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