Kessab Under Attack Again Video Released by Turkmen Terrorist

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: Footage of rocket attacks on Armenian majority town of Kessab emerged yesterday. The attack were by Turkmen terrorists.
Kessab is located in Latakia province right on the border with Turkey.
Sources on the ground reported that there was only one soldier injured with many homes and stores damaged. There are not reported deaths.

Earlier Armenpress has reported: One of the missiles, which came from Keless and Mazraat Saraafi regions (approximately 10-13 miles from Kessab) in the direction of the Turkish border, landed approximately 160 feet from the town’s mosque, while the other landed in the street behind Kessab’s Holy Trinity Armenian Evangelical Church, according to Kantsasar.

The missiles reportedly caused substantial material damages. Though no fatalities were reported, one Kessab resident was injured in the incidents. “The residents of Kessab, especially the children who were playing outside of their homes, were severely shaken,” read a part of the Kantsasar report.

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