Cristiano Ronaldo dresses up as a homeless man and pranks Madrid with his football skills

Cristiano Ronaldo managed to prank Madrid town centre and in doing so made one young Real fan the happiest boy in Spain.

In a video posted on YouTube, Ronaldo can be seen being dressed up as a homeless man – including fake hair, beard and fat suit – before taking to the streets with a dog and football.
What follows is comedy gold, and proves that Ronaldo is, for all his wealth and celebrity, a decent man. Those of you with good memories might remember seeing some brief footage of the set-up, which leaked online earlier this year. Now you can see the whole thing!
In the busy Plaza de Callao in downtown Madrid, the world player of the year ties his (borrowed) dog to a chair and starts doing kick-ups.
The disguise works. No-one gives him a second glance. To everyone else in the Plaza, he just looks like a homeless guy trying to earn a few euros from the locals.
Occasionally, passers-by will stop to watch the homeless man’s impressive football skills, especially when he decides to replicate Ronaldo’s trade-mark step-overs.
Several hours pass before the heart-warming pay-off finally happens. A kid decides to play with him and the two take part in a bit of one-on-one before Ronaldo gives him a hug (still dressed as a tramp), picks up the ball and signs it.
The young boy looks perplexed, wondering why this man has signed the football – that is until Ronaldo begins to peel off the disguise, leaving his new best friend in open-mouthed wonder and on the verge of (happy) tears.

But the happiest face in town belongs to this little boy...
But the happiest face in town belongs to this little boy…

Needless to say, everyone in the Plaza who had previously ignored what they considered to be a tramp suddenly flocks to the scene, mobile phones in hand.

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