The National Bureau of the French ARF Nor Seround Press release


Nor Seround
Nor Seround
The National Bureau of the French ARF Nor Seround has issued a Press release regarding statements published by former National Bureau ARF Nor Seround members, through emails and online publications, and expressed their astonishment on how some former members are issuing press releases and trying to spread lies and attract negativity towards the organization.

“We want to express our deep disappointment with the method used by some members of the former National Bureau FRA Nor Seround. Indeed, these people who are part of that dissolved instance, have misinformed the Armenian community by sending letters exempted from truth and using confusing email addresses, different from the official mail address of the FRA Nor Seround: [email protected]

Until further notice, the FRA Nor Seround will speak only through the email address and the official website

Therefore, we invite the Armenian community not to view emails from a different email address than the one shown above and press releases referring to our organization, and to undermine our daily life”

The National Bureau admits that there is certainly a crisis that crosses the Nor Seround,and states that there is a huge responsibility that should be handled carefully to improve and modernize the militant organization which, since its creation by Shavarsh Missakian at the request of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun seventy years ago, has proved it could be the force of the Armenian activism in France and the rest of the community, and that their main objective is service and struggle for the just cause.

“Despite the difficulty of the current situation, the FRA Nor Seround quickly resumed operations that is mainly the defense of the Armenian cause. And this next week with the organization, for the third consecutive year, will participate in the Jampar Project Yerguir in Stepanakert. Ten Nor seroundagans, through sports, cultural and educational, devote two weeks to 150 children and adolescents. The young future of Artsakh will contribute to the development of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh and its defense.

Nor Seround Lyon
Nor Seround Lyon
The difference in opinions and ideas, debates and analysis of the present form of activism will serve our struggle for the Armenian cause and will continue relentlessly on all fronts and in compliance of the high values ​​of the FRA Dashnaktsutyun and those of its youth organization FRA Nor Seround.”

FRA Nor Seround Paris, August 1, 2015

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