Armenian postal operator opens US office in Glendale, California.

Haypost Armenian postal operator opens US office
Haypost Armenian postal operator opens US office
HayPost, the national postal operator of the Republic of Armenia, has opened its first international office in Glendale, California.

Armenia’s Minister of Transport & Communication, Gagik Beglaryan, attended an official launch event on Tuesday (21 July) together with the Mayor of Glendale, Ara Najarian, and HayPost executives.

The Glendale office, which is located on North Brand Boulevard, will offer a direct delivery service from HayPost USA to HayPost in Armenia.

According to HayPost, its new “ShopInAmerica” service “will grant residents of Armenia an open access to shop and acquire goods from the USA via the office in Glendale and receive their purchases directly in their cities or villages, even in the most remote rural areas”.

Juan Pablo Gechidjian, the CEO of HayPost USA, said that the office will also provide money transfer services, which will facilitate and formalize the process of money remittances from USA to Armenia and vice versa making it faster, more reliable and affordable.

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