Armenian night – Jounieh international festival 11 July 2015 Lebanon

Saturday 11 July 2015 was an Armenian night at Jounieh international festival, on this special occasion our compatriots once again made us proud by introducing Armenian culture to our Arab brothers.
The event began with Homenetmen brass-band and scouts Parade, followed a Flash-Mob prepared and performed by the youth.
Armenian handicrafts, food and instruments like Shevi, Tehol and Duduk were presented during the festival.
A night without music wouldn’t be to called an Armenian night, Live music by Hamazkayin’s Tehols Ensemble directed by Kevork Keushgerian and Davigh Ensemble directed by Megerditch Mikayelian.
The night came to an end with classic Jazz Music by Arthur Satian Jazz Quartet (featuring Avo Tutunjian).
Video credit: Armenians in Lebanon Facebook page, compilation

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