Armenian Miley Cyrus or Masha Mnjoyan


Mary Masha Mnjoyan
Mary Masha Mnjoyan
Mary Mnjoyan is born on 7 February, 1995 in Gyumri. She has participated in Armenian and international competitions and festivals. She has started singing when she was 4 years old, after joining Teghtsanig Children Choir. She has studied music in Nigoghayos Dikranyan Art School in vocal and piano sections. She has graduated from Yerevan State College of vocal section.

She has taken part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, where she was a back-vocalist with a song she had written and composed herself. In 2007 she has come in 4th place in “Berlin Pearls” International Competition, and semi finalist in “New Wave 2012”.

Participating in 2012-2013 Armenia TV “Voice of Armenia”, Mary Mnjoyan is proclaimed a professional singer and “Voice of Armenia” winner.
On July 23-28, 2013 Masha Mnjoyan came in 7th Place in Jurmala song contest, Russia.
Masha is now studying at the conservatory. Her preferance is pop-jazz and soul music.

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