Marcel Ghanem “bi kel kharaf” interviews Charles Aznavour

On Sunday 07-June-2015 Marcel Ghanem’s interview with Charles Aznavour will be on “kalam el nas” a political discussion talk show of LBCI Lebanese TV channel.

Announcements and promos of the upcoming talk show on Sunday are already on social media and the LBCI, LDC TV channels.

But the thing is back in August 2014 Mr. Marcel Ghanem insulted Charles Aznavour with his shocking intro live on air with his Famous words calling Aznavour “bi kel kharaf” mentally unstable (senile) and he did not even bother to apologize.

I wonder why would you bother to interview a KHERFEN (as you described him)?

No words can describe this embarrassment, we want our readers to watch the video above and the one below. Do not forget to Share this on Social media with your friends and following, leave your comments at the end of this page.

Click here to read our post back in 2014

Charles Aznavour Insulted by Marcel Ghanem – on LBCI (Kalam Ennas)

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  1. yeah, so what?! People argue all the time and I’m sure he will confront aznavour for his statement in the next interview. And yes, aznavour does sound senile when he talks this kind of bullcrap


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