Turkey’s ‘Hidden Armenians’ Break Silence Of The 100 Years

Armenia is marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the World War I-era massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, widely recognized as the first genocide of the 20th century.
The nature of the tragedy continues to be disputed by Turkey, which says that civil strife claimed lives on both sides. In this documentary, RFE/RL’s Armenian Service investigates the stories of Turkey’s “hidden Armenians”

Families whose forebears converted to Islam, or were forcibly converted, and concealed their background to escape persecution. They describe a slowly changing atmosphere in Turkey that has made it possible, after decades of silence, to live openly as Christians and Armenians.

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  1. Turkified, Islamatized Armenians
How can they go back and become Christians!
    They lost not only their religion …Hence their complete identity …
    So Difficult Task… to have whole and holy back …!!!

    I advice them 

    You say …you are Armenian …
    That is enough …
What ever religion you have …

    That belongs to you…

    No one should interfere between you and your faith…
    Faith…Yes Faith… no one can analyze in any human hart (heart)
    You can change your religion
But never your Armenian genes…

    Repeat your phrase… repeat… and feel proud 

    And tell everyone …without fear
    ” I am Armenian”

    That is enough…

Dr. Sylva Portoian

  2. We Armenians, proudly declare on our foreheads, in red blood color
    We Armenians, humbly declare on our forehead, in red blood color
    We Armenians, constantly look at heigh mountains and see the skies above
    We Armenians, constantly look at the Skies above and look for answer bearing Gabriel Angel
    We Armenians, constantly humbly murmur on our lips the praise and prayer, O Lord!
    We Armenians, constantly remember all the wars we’ve faught in Thy name and for
    We Armenians, constantly praise Thy name Thou Are The Almighty thou are at high
    We Armenians, constantly await for Your coming and Your Promiss the place prepared
    We Armenians, constantly call upon Thou are our Armenian God because of your promiss
    We Armenians, constantly praise Thy name and always call you “HYE Der ASDVADZ”.


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