Maria Nalbandian the best Armenian beauty worldwide 2015

Maria Nalbandian announced on her Instagram account that she was selected the best Armenian beauty worldwide 2015.
Congratulations Maria Nalbandian? or was it Elaab?

I have done some Google-ing to get some details about this competition and to see Maria’s competitors and i have found out that the contest took place nowhere and the result of the imaginary contest was published on and the winner was Maria Elaab, first i was confused (who is Maria Elaab, i said to myself) than i thanked God for being a Lebanese Armenian myself when i realized that “elaab” in Arabic language means “play” and it was a song which Maria released before few years and got famous upon it in the Arab world.

To keep the long story short a bored guy just like me has made a website and collected some pictures of beautiful Armenian women and here you go we have a winner. The poor guy did not even know her last name…

Maria i want to tell you 2 things:
1st tell him to fix your name
2nd you are really beautiful no need for any competitions to prove that.


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